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"Half man, half beast... all terror!" This homage to 70's monster movies is packed to the brim with gore, sleaze, cheeze and camp - not to mention all the wigs and bad dubbing you've come to expect from Dire Wit Films!

When an unscrupulous scientist drags his stepchildren out into the forest to use them as bait in the hopes of luring out a big foot, not even the team of hillbillies he hired can contain the horror they find: the horror of Mutantis! Only the adventurer Dr. William Fury may be able to stop the beast, but hope dwindles fast once Dr. Fury realizes that the monster is not only intent on murder but procreation as well. Could this be the end of the world as we know it? For the answer watch, Mutantis!



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“Reckless, offensive, and fucking nuts, MUTANTIS delivers the goods!" - Daily Grindhouse

Mutantis is quite easily the most fun but yet most bizarre time you will have watching a film this year.” - Wicked Channel

“Gross, playfully offensive and gleefully ludicrous”

B is for Best

"You have not lived until you see a man die from an explosion of semen pouring out his eye sockets and a giant monster penis bursting out the back of his head.” - HorrorNews.net

"SyFy should hire dire Wit to take on their next creature feature and we may end up with a

SHARKNADO movie worth a damn!” - Horror Society

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