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(2013, JASON KOCH)


A pervert, murderer, and hopeless romantic, Allen Dean is on a 7-day journey to discovery his real true love. He is torn between Denise the waitress, who he believes he loves, and his first true love, murder.

Plunge into the deep end of the mind of a killer in this gritty surrelistic horror landscape from director Jason Koch (Aftermath FX Studio) and writer Mark Leake (Isle of the Damned).



 "You'll need a long bath to wash off all the grime. 7th Day delivers the goods for fans of cinematic terror" - Doug Tilley, DailyGrindhouse.com 

"It has the wit of American Psycho, with the creepiness of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer." - TheHorrorEntusiast.com

"Koch and Sanders have crafted a disturbingly plausible portrait of an all too real monster." - HorrorCritic.com

"That is the brilliance of 7th Day:  a film about a serial killer who sort of becomes your friend thanks to his honesty and openness. It is a clever, bold idea that really pays off here." - Horror Cult Films

"The 7th Day is an ingenious no-budget recreation of Hell as experienced behind the eyeballs of a remorseless psychopath." - Theatre of Guts

"The storyline is perfect... this can very well be a classic..." - Extreme Horror Cinema

"7th Day will definitely be in my TOP 10 films at the end of the year and I just can’t recommend it highly enough. This is a MUST SEE 9.5/10" - UK Horror Scene

"The gore is just downright amazing." - Wicked Channel


"7th Day has one scene after another of over the top death and mayhem that is among the most realistic and plentiful as any ever put to film." - Best Horror Movies

"Sanders owns the part and gives it life. He makes you believe the character." - Bucket of Corn

"You will not see gore better than this no matter what the budget is." - Emerald Gore Society

"This movie just kicks ass!" - Horror Movie Diary  

"7th Day is one surreal, brutal chunk of hometown horror worth checking out." - Viewer Discretion Advised

"It'll stick with you and really get under your skin." - Grimm Reviews

"7th Day has brought hope for serial killer films back." - Little Blog of Horror

"There is a lot of blood and gore here... pretty darn nasty stuff." - The Rotting Zombie

"Writer Mark Leake and director Jason Koch show you in a visceral and darkly disturbing way, what goes into to making a serial killer with no remorse. " - The Lost Highway

"It’s rare that such gratuitous bloodletting is so expertly woven into an intriguing character study, allowing horror fans to have their intellects and gag reflexes equally stimulated." - Horror 101 with Dr. Ac

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